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God's Answer to the Anger and Violence in Our Country


There Ought to Be a Law

There probably is. There have been laws, society norms, and traditions dictating behavior from the first moment of human existence, and there have always been those who refused to follow the rules as indicated by the long list of criminals stretching back to Cain and Abel.
However, laws do give people the authority to remove offenders from their communities and eliminate some threats to their lives and property.
Still, people want more laws. They want to regulate every aspect of human behavior, defining speech, diets, shopping, what we can and cannot own, along with the bigger laws against theft and murder.If a group thinks a behavior is wrong, they want a law. If another group opposes their agenda, they want a counter law. 
This even goes further. People rail against God for not stopping wars, famines, pestilences, natural disasters and the list goes on. They want him to act on our whims, our desires, our need for control, except when it comes to our personal behavior. Then we reject…


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St. Paul and Three Christmas Miracles

I think of Saint Paul often. He thought of himself as the lesser Apostle, not worthy of being called an Apostle. I feel the same unworthiness being called a child of God. I recount my failings in an endless cycle I can’t seem to stop. While the Apostle often speaks of his transgressions and weaknesses, he also exhorts God’s mercy. God forgave all of his sins, including the persecution and murder of the Church, and called him to be an Apostle.
This same mercy also applies to my sins. Yet I still fall into an all too familiar state of wretchedness, which seems to escalate during the holidays.
Christmas day, I struggled with wanting to go to church and dreading going alone. I decided to put my personal issues aside and attend.
A woman walking just ahead of me, stopped and said, “Good morning.”
I smiled. “Good morning. I see you’re going alone too.”
She nodded. “Yes. Shall we go alone, together?”
My smile broadened. “Yes.”
God’s first miracle. This woman and I sat together as friends a…