My African Wedding

My husband and I married late in life. Both of us suffered through difficult divorces when we were young, and then lost two spouses through untimely deaths. We wanted something different for our wedding.

Bill suggested Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Since returning from his first trip to Africa he had felt it would be a magical, romantic place to be married. I agreed and through an angel of a travel agent we arranged for a ceremony at the Safari Lodge in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa.

On June 17th at three pm, we stood in the open veranda on the third floor of the lodge and repeated our vows before a magistrate and two local witnesses. Behind us was a watering hole teaming with Elephant, Kudu, Cape buffalo, Zebra and Wart hogs. Beyond that was the African bush, broken only by the gleaming waters of the Zambezi River. I felt like pinching myself, but then, if I was dreaming, I didn’t really want to wake up.

That night we sat out on the lodge's veranda and ate dinner by candlelight. A troupe of four young men serenaded our table with African love songs, finishing their performance with The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The setting sun turned the sky vivid gold and red. Lions roared somewhere out in the deepening shadows.

Bill took my hand, gently kissed it, and whispered. "I love you."  

My world was perfect - beyond anything I imagined.

From Victoria Falls we flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. We spent the night in a Bed and Breakfast and the next day went shopping. Our first stop was a Diamond Merchant where we bought my ring. Later, alone in our room, Bill pledged his love once again and placed the ring on my finger.

The next day we flew to Hoedspruit, South Africa, the gateway to Krueger National Park. We spent our honeymoon on photo safari at the Edeni Game Reserve and for five days we observed wildlife: Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena and South African Wild dogs to name just a few. Then it was back to Johannesburg and home. Before the plane left the tarmac I was already wishing I could come back.

Below are some of our photos.

My husband, Bill, just before the wedding
Me, just before the wedding

Third Floor of the Safari Lodge

Table decor of African Protea and greens

After our vows, standing with the Magistrate

View from our deck at the Safari Lodge
Lion photographed in Edeni Game Reserve, South Africa

The Trail down to Victoria Falls

Dining Hut at Camp by Limpopo River in Zimbabwe
Baobab Tree in Zimbabwe

Wild Elephants along the Zambezi River
Victoria Falls from Above

Giraffe in Edeni Game Reserve, South Africa
Sunrise in Edeni, South Africa

South African Wild Dogs, South Africa


Inyala Buck in South Africa

Young Cape Buffalo in South Africa

Aloe Trees at The Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Young Rhino

Dancers at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
More Dancers at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Our Chalet at the second camp

Great Zimbabwe


Top of Great Zimbabwe

Leopard in Edeni Game Reserve

Sunset in Zimbabwe


  1. Samantha Fury

    Thanks for sharing I love the pictures.. Must have been nice to get married someone special like that.

  2. Lovely pictures, Ceci. You made me homesick for "home." I lived in Africa for a great part of my life. I'm so glad you've found someone special. Hugs

  3. Thank you, Samantha and Slyvia for stopping by and commenting. I'm very blessed to have found Bill.

    Slyvia, you are so right. I only spent a month there and have missed it ever since. It is a very special place with very special people.

  4. How wonderful for you!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog and leading me here. I was also married in Zimbabwe; in Harare. I was a missionary there in my 20's and married a man from there. We now live in Southern California but Zimbabwe is dear to our hearts. I am thankful God sent you and your husband to each other!

  5. Shanda, thank you for stopping in and commenting. How cool we were both married in Zimbabwe. I look forward to reading more of your posts and sharing our faith journey and experiences. Blessings to you.

  6. Beautiful. I'd love to visit Africa.


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