Why Would a Christian Write Dark Stories?

The answer is simple. Dark things happen to good people, and God isn’t as concerned about our earthly happiness as he is about the state of our soul. 

We can’t ignore suffering. We can try to avoid pain and discomfort, but those closest to God know suffering is part of our faith journey. 
While I am not in the same league as God’s great spiritual warriors, I have been in pits of fire and on spiritual mountaintops. I have taken these personal experiences and spun them with a little fiction with the hope of to illustrating that God never leaves us alone or without hope, as long as we cling to our faith.

One reader recently told me this: “Your characters’ faith strengthened mine and helped me face my own challenges.” 

Those words are what every writer lives to hear. 

And so, this is how a happy, non-violent Christian can bear to write dark novels. It’s really about sharing miracles, faith, and hope in the midst of the most supreme trials. Having done this in the first three books of the Lions and Lamb series, I am branching out. My soon to be released novel, Without Strings, is much lighter in tone, with faith still being its core value. 

There will be a fourth book in the Lions and Lambs series titled, Of Lions, Beasts, and Lambs, and possibly a sequel to Without Strings. After that? I don’t have a clue, but God has always guided my writing. I am sure he has more plans for my writing, and if my previous experiences are any indication, he will let me know without any uncertainty. This next time, I intend to respond quickly, and avoid his not so gentle persuasions... (See: Lions, Why I Write )


  1. Sometimes our dark times are preparing us to help and encourage others. My sister in law was hit by a car, thrown 25 feet, landing on her head. Through God's grace and mercy she has recovered, working as usual. A friend of hers had a stroke and was in the same rehab facility. My sister in law went in and encouraged her friend saying, 'God helped me and He can help you.' Dark times, yes, but there is always a guiding hand to help us move forward.

  2. You are very right, Michelle. Our sufferings prepare us for helping others going through the same situations. Our success can inspire others as well. Thank God your sister survived such injuries and then bless her for turning around and encouraging her friend. God works in amazing ways.

  3. We meet Him in a new way in our dark places...if we chose to go to the cross. I wouldn't want anyone to walk through my dark places, but I would desire for them to know Christ the way I do because of those journeys.

  4. Exactly, Janette. As one of my characters said, "Without adversity, we would never know how to trust God or our faith."


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