Who Doesn't Like October?

October is one of the most popular months. Who does not like the vivid array of colors, the cooler days, pumpkins, and harvest moons? Then, there are the corn mazes, fresh pressed apple cider, and harvest parties. 

This month is the prelude to the onslaught of the holidays, a pause between summer and winter. We catch our breath before gearing up for the busier season to follow. 

Change. Seasons change. Weather changes and we change. It is inevitable. Some we welcome, like the seasons, others we fight. This struggle does not delay or alter the change. It only causes more stress and conflict, fighting a battle we cannot win.

Since entering the Golden Years, I have seen many changes. The world is certainly not the same as it was in my childhood. Some changes were for the better, others not. The political and spiritual unrest is disheartening as well as frightening. Then, there are the more pronounced changes in my physical appearance. I may be able to skip the news for several days, but my body continues to remind me of my age. 

I decided after some careful reflection, (pun intended), not to worry about my physical changes. I am aging, and there is not any cosmetic trick, or surgery, that will disguise it. It might camouflage it to some degree, but we’ve all seen the sad sight of women who go to extremes in their search for eternal youth. The result is rarely what they hoped. At this age, less is definitely more, and it is better to accept the changes and move on to things that are more important. 

For me, I would rather count my blessings than bemoan things I cannot change or control. For a perfectionist, that’s the same as an alcoholic admitting they have a drinking problem. Perhaps I had to live the changes before I understood how little control I have. I suppose experience does give the age a little more wisdom than youth, if we choose to learn from them rather than fight against them. 

And so, I look forward to this new season and plan to enjoy each moment. Winter storms will be here soon enough, but God is already there. With Him walking beside me, I can accept the changes in the weather, and in my life, with some dignity and peace. After all, letting go, accepting what I cannot change, and giving it to God, is the wisest of all choices.  


  1. Thanks...I needed this this morning, as I nodded while reading each word. Thanks! I agree.

  2. We are rarely alone with our challenges. Someone has already been there or going through it. We don't have to look very far to find empathy and support, do we?


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