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For as long as I can remember, I have been consumed by passions, an over developed sense of responsibility, and the desire to be in control. Sound familiar?

I planned each minute of every day, adhering to a strict schedule devoid of any spontaneity. I went as far as to begin each morning planning not just that day’s schedule, but contingency plans for every conceivable variation. Well, I tried. I was the teachers’ darling, the exemplary employee, the most responsible mom, a devoted wife — and I was miserable. 
Jesus’ admonishment to be “converted, and become as little children” puzzled me. How could I be like a child when I was a responsible adult, carrying the world on my shoulders? I couldn’t just drop out. I had a husband and children to care for, a boss to obey.
Retirement removed most of my responsibilities, and yet I still kept up the paranoid plotting and planning, believing if I planned enough and worked hard enough, I could control everything in my life. It gave me a false s…

I Wish

I wish I could reach out and heal others. I wish I could take away their physical pain and their emotional suffering. I wish I could find the cure for cancer, for leukemia, for Multiple Sclerosis, for Schizophrenia, and Bi-Polar disorders. I wish I could stop world aggression, poverty, and injustices. I wish I could stop abortions and change sex offenders. But I can’t.

However, if I could persuade one confused soul to turn to God, I will not only “save his soul from death, [but] shall cover a multitude of [my] sins” as well. James 5:20.
I wish I knew exactly how I could go about doing that. Yes, I know I should live the Gospel and not preach it. I know that if I change my heart and live accordingly, others will see it. I know all that. Yet, I wish my small life would be enough. I fail far more than I succeed.
Then, I recall a few kind acts that made a big impact on the lives of the recipients. They seemed small to me and I was surprised at the impact they had. I wish I could do more.

According to Alice