I Wish

I wish I could reach out and heal others. I wish I could take away their physical pain and their emotional suffering. I wish I could find the cure for cancer, for leukemia, for Multiple Sclerosis, for Schizophrenia, and Bi-Polar disorders. I wish I could stop world aggression, poverty, and injustices. I wish I could stop abortions and change sex offenders. But I can’t.

However, if I could persuade one confused soul to turn to God, I will not only “save his soul from death, [but] shall cover a multitude of [my] sins” as well. James 5:20.

I wish I knew exactly how I could go about doing that. Yes, I know I should live the Gospel and not preach it. I know that if I change my heart and live accordingly, others will see it. I know all that. Yet, I wish my small life would be enough. I fail far more than I succeed.

Then, I recall a few kind acts that made a big impact on the lives of the recipients. They seemed small to me and I was surprised at the impact they had. I wish I could do more.

I wish for a closer union with God. I wish he were the center of all my thoughts and actions. I wish it wasn’t a struggle to go to church. I wish I had tons of money to add to the collection. I wish I felt like volunteering more. I wish I could simply make more of a difference. 

I can wish all I want, and nothing will change. Only through practice and prayer will I tighten my relationship with God. It might not make much difference in the lives of others, but it would definitely change mine. That would be a start, a beginning. Who knows where it might lead? 

A meditation in, Good Morning Lord, by Joseph T. Sullivan reminded me I am not too old to pursue my dreams and share my talents. I will have to make the necessary effort to hone my skills through study and practice. Even so, I may not become the next Rembrandt, Hemingway, or Steinbeck, but my small efforts can help color the world with beauty. Maybe even add a touch of magic, an opening for the divine to plant a seed, to change a heart, and maybe even change a life. That I can definitely wish for.


  1. True--I agree we can't do everything, but we can use the passions, talents, and experiences God has gifted us with, to make the best me that God created. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts!

    1. Absolutely. It is our duty to use those talents, and you have been blessed with the talent of story telling. Who doesn't love a well told story? And in it you plant His seeds of faith, aiding in His work. Who knows how many lives you've touched?


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