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The Appeaser


When Church Hurts

Sometimes church hurts. People, even those who claim to be followers of Christ, hurt others, even fellow worshippers. A study of the Acts of the Apostles shows great discord in the early church after the Resurrection. Staunch Jewish converts demanded strict adherence to their customs, particularly circumcision. Gentile converts balked, having a different viewpoint. Greek converts complained their widows were not receiving the same considerations as those of other ethnic backgrounds. Others of Jewish heritage decried the conversion of Gentiles, wanting the Christian church to remain only among Jewish converts. 
We can certainly imagine those discussions were not always conducted with Christ like charity. Sounds like similar rifts today between Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists and non-denominational fundamentalist churches. Even members lash out against each other over interpretation of scripture. 
Somewhere in all of this, the combatants forget the greatest co…

Where There Is Hatred...


The Odd Ones

Writers are an odd lot. We don’t think like most folk. A chat group with writers is an adventure, even for a fellow writer. Thinking out of the box is one way to describe it, but parameters outside of the universe might be a better description.
Simple statements, or observations, spontaneously explode into scenes, characterizations, and mini-plots, and this is just when chatting. Even I roll my eyes at some of the far fetched, but insanely funny, rabbit holes we follow.
Yes, it’s true. Thriller/suspense writers have an odd collection of files that could garner the attention of Homeland Security. Writers can remember every interesting conversation we’ve overheard, but forget to put coffee in the coffee pot, and stare blankly at the clear water pouring out, wondering what happened.
It isn’t that we are not intelligent, or forgetful. We are distracted. While making coffee, one or two story lines fill our minds. We see the scene playing out, which keeps us from seeing other things, lik…