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Cast Your Net Again

Several Sunday’s ago, the readings included Luke 5:6-7. Jesus asks Simon-Peter to row back out and recast his nets. After fishing all night without catching anything, Peter wasn’t too keen on the idea, but obeyed. We know the story. His nets almost broke under the abundance of fish. My pastor’s sermon on the scripture hit me straight in the heart. God asks us to recast our nets as well, to step out of our comfort zones and follow him.
Recast my net. It resonated with my current marathon of edits on my already published books. Like Peter, I did that once already and came up empty handed (very few sales). It’s tough work and I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. Evidently, God thinks so.
My pastor went on to add, “Recasting our nets would lead to the miraculous event, the hook, leading us to God’s ultimate plan. God may call me to step away from known things, and follow him in a direction I would never go on my own. This certainly falls right into line with my post (God First, Before E…

On the Eve of Valentines I Remember.....

Valentine's Day used to make me tremble. You see, I once owned a flower shop, and it has taken years to get over the nightmares. Only in the last few years have I been able to walk through a store with red roses on display. The sixteen hour days, standing ankle deep in cut stems and floral debris, still haunt my dreams occasionally.

The worst nightmare was being in a wreck on the way to delivering  funeral or wedding arrangements. The nightmare happened, twice. Once on the way to a wedding, but thankfully it was only a minor accident and not a single arrangement toppled over. The one on Valentine's Day however, totaled my truck.  Oh those were the days....

There were however, happy moments, moments that I will remember the rest of my life.  A grieving family so touched by the floral arrangements they hugged me. The last minute bridal bouquet and boutonniere for a couple marrying in her mother's hospital room. Delivering bouquets to work places for anniversaries, birthdays…

God First, Before Everything?

We’ve all read the scriptures how the disciples literally dropped everything and followed Jesus when he called them. For a moment, let’s put ourselves in that picture. What would it really entail?

I imagine Jesus knocking on my door, right now. I am sitting on the couch next to my husband with my computer and morning coffee. I’m in my robe. My hair is a mess. I haven’t had any breakfast. Do I answer the door?

If I go that far, and find Jesus standing there, beckoning me, could I walk out without turning back? Could I leave my husband without telling him where I am going? If I hesitate, am I putting other things before God?

I really have to think that one over. Leaving without saying a word to my husband seems cruel. I can’t imagine God wanting me to hurt anyone, but he does want me to put him first — over everything, even my husband.

So, how does that go along with loving your neighbor as yourself?