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Several Sunday’s ago, the readings included Luke 5:6-7. Jesus asks Simon-Peter to row back out and recast his nets. After fishing all night without catching anything, Peter wasn’t too keen on the idea, but obeyed. We know the story. His nets almost broke under the abundance of fish. My pastor’s sermon on the scripture hit me straight in the heart. God asks us to recast our nets as well, to step out of our comfort zones and follow him.

Recast my net. It resonated with my current marathon of edits on my already published books. Like Peter, I did that once already and came up empty handed (very few sales). It’s tough work and I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. Evidently, God thinks so.

My pastor went on to add, “Recasting our nets would lead to the miraculous event, the hook, leading us to God’s ultimate plan. God may call me to step away from known things, and follow him in a direction I would never go on my own. This certainly falls right into line with my post (God First, Before Everything?) At my age and station in life, I can’t imagine what that might be.

My pastor suggested this could entail something for which I don’t believe I have enough talent. My writing came to mind. I write only because I have a burning desire to do so, not because I feel I am any good at it.

St. Peter certainly wasn’t an educated man, yet God called him to establish a church. How much farther from his comfort zone could he go?

Whatever God has in mind for me, he will also add the instruction, the means, and probably discipline required to accomplish it (if my history with lions is any indication).

I will recast my net with republishing the revision for, And Then Came a Lion, and keep my heart and mind open for where he will lead me next. Book Three in this series, The Lion, the Lily and the Lamb, is ready for the final edits, and I have several other stories waiting. It will be interesting to see what God has in mind.  


  1. Good word for so many of us. I know I have been struggling with this same issue lately, and feeling my age would be the factor that stopped me. With God all things are possible. Thanks for the encouraging word...may I re-cast my nets.

    1. Yes, all things are possible through him. Many great souls in the Bible were in their upper years when God called them to higher purposes. So, it's never too late.


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