Weeds, Rainbows, and a Life Saving Miracle - True Story

I spent last weekend miserably sick with an unknown ailment and of course, my mind ran amok with scenarios, conjuring up horrific diseases. However, before I could make an appointment to see my doctor, God told me not to worry, and then He provided a miracle that saved my life - no exaggeration.

The morning I first noticed symptoms, my devotions listed the Book of Tobias – for the entire following week. This book is significant to me, a source of a previous divine promise.

After my third husband passed away, I believed I would be alone for the rest of my life. At the age of forty-seven, that had the possibility of being a long, lonely life, but God had other plans.

For one solid week, every time I opened my bible to read my devotions, it fell open to the Book of Tobias. One part of the story is about Sara, who was married seven times, each husband killed by a demon on their wedding night. When Tobias (Jr) arrived at Sara’s home as a guest and announced his intention to marry her, all were fearful for his life. Sara’s father actually went out and dug a grave in preparation. However, Tobias was the man God intended to be Sara’s husband, and He sent the angel Raphael to fight off the demon. It was Chapter 8: 10, Tobias and Sara’s prayer on their wedding night that held God’s promise to me.

“Sara also said, ‘Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, and let us grow old together in health.’”

This  was reinforced when a good friend first mentioned introducing me to my current husband. She noted: “Do you realize, Marie, that if you and Bill should marry, he will be your fourth husband and you will be his third wife?" 

Yes, Sara’s seven. (Bill had one divorce, like me, and lost two wives to cancer.)

Many times my faith in this promise has been tested, and this was yet another. I knew my prognosis could be unsettling, but God wanted me to remember His promise.

During my doctor visit the following Monday, my doctor informed me she felt it was most likely an infection, but there was a possibility of cancer. Relying on God’s promise, with her approval, I opted for an antibiotic treatment for an infection and put off running more tests.

The miracle occurred that night.

I noticed a strange vine growing in several places in our flowerbeds and had the sudden compulsion to pull it up, A thunderstorm had just passed over and it was still sprinkling, but I was adamant about pulling up that vine. Bill thought I was delirious.

Regardless, I stepped out the back door and glanced up at the stormy sky. A full rainbow splayed against the black clouds. Another reminder to trust in God’s promises. 

In spite of the drizzle, I dug up the vines. which inflamed my hay fever allergies. As a result, I took an antihistamine with my second dose of antibiotic and prayed it wouldn't interfere. Well it did, thank goodness. 

When my alarm went off at five am, I crawled out of bed and realized something wasn't right. My throat was tight and my tongue swollen. I had those symptoms once before with a similar antibiotic and knew what it was, an allergic reaction to the medication. Since I could breathe without difficulty, I didn’t panic or rush to the ER. However, I did not take the next schedule dose and I called my doctor as soon as the office opened. My doctor was not in, but the consulting doctor urged me to come in for an exam - immediately.

It was indeed a reaction, moderate due to inadvertently taking the antihistamine. If I had not, my reaction would have been severe, life threatening, and would have required a race to the nearest ER.

I thought about the odd compulsion to pull weeds during a thunderstorm, regardless of feeling ill, of the aggravated hay fever, and inadvertently taking the antihistamine that saved my life. I pictured the the rainbow and the thought about the story of Sara and Tobias.

The doctor went on to confirm that my illness was due to an infection ― not cancer ― and unless my symptoms persisted for longer than two weeks, no other follow up was necessary. As my symptoms were already ninety-five percent better, he felt follow up was unlikely.

I admit I was a bit nervous taking the new antibiotic, especially after the doctor told me to be very, very careful with all medications in the future, and to be equally cautious about adding any, even over the counter medications, without consulting him or a pharmacist. But, I stood on God’s promise and I am now in day four of the antibiotic regimen, and no reaction.

One day, God will call me from this life, but until then, I have His promise that my husband and I will grow old together in health, and regardless of the circumstances, I will stand on that promise. But, I won’t have to do that alone, for there will be scriptural promises and rainbows, reminding me that God does indeed have me in the palm of His hand. 


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