The Not So Golden Moments of Retirement

It’s finally here, retirement. After months of planning and dreaming, the day has come, but my first few weeks weren’t the joy-filled, do-whatever-I want-time I thought it would be. Of course, I expected there would be obligations, tasks and chores, what I did not anticipate was being ill, needing a skin biopsy, and having partial laryngitis. Add in a computer crash, garbage disposal on the fritz, brand new dryer making odd noises, and a jammed tailgate on the truck. Sounds like too much fun, doesn’t it?

Retirement has been my golden egg, the place of peace and contentment, less stress ― in my imagination. I knew there would be bumps and a few rough places, but I figured those would be spaced a bit, not slam me right off the bat.

These rough spots may be God’s way of reminding me that there isn’t any place, or time in life, truly free of challenges. It’s best to keep an open mind and heart, and not put too much hope on anything, except God.

Publishing my books didn’t change my life. If anything, it added a few more challenges. Turning a certain age didn’t change much either, except perhaps extending a few more privileges - and responsibilities. Retirement won’t be that perfect state of being either.

There will be good things like long walks on the hiking trail, sunrises and sunsets watched from the porch swing, leisurely morning coffee, camping and fishing trips, and unhurried visits with family.

There is no magic to a certain time, or place, only life either lived with faith, or wasted in excessive wishing or worry, burdens God never intended. All that said, I must admit, it is easier to deal with all of these little bumps without the added stress of a job. And so, in some regards, retirement has its golden moments. It’s all in one's perspective - and attitude. Imagine that.  


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