Martha, Don't Look!

Where does the time go? Every day I promise myself to step back, take a deep breath and enjoy my cup of coffee a bit longer, spend more time in conversation with my husband, talk more often to friends and family, and take time to read a little more, but it seems I am always racing the clock.

In my morning devotions, the scripture detailed how often Jesus stepped out alone into the desert to pray. We Martha's have a hard time relating to that. What? Just drop everything and go off by ourselves? Who has the time to do that? Our world would just fall apart, wouldn't it?

Who would do all the dishes, the laundry, cook, clean, pay bills, and run errands while we were off selfishly indulging in quiet time? We'd be so far behind on our To-Do-List we'd never catch up, right?

 Maybe not. What if we actually allowed someone else to help - without criticizing how they did it?

I received a personal lesson in this when my husband retired. My sweetheart offered to take over all the household chores - all of them - until I could retire. You bet I took him up on that, until -

Yes.  I noticed things.

The towels were folded in half instead of thirds, the pantry wasn't as organized as I liked to keep it, and our menus seemed a bit smaller than the ones I usually made, just to mention a few things.

Then, one day as I was eying the towels, I realized it really didn't matter how they were folded. Who says my way is the only way just because that is the way I've always done it? They were washed, folded, and put away, right?

A little more self-examination revealed I let my Martha ego get the upperhand far too often. If I shoved her out the way, I had more time for other things, like this blog, or finishing my novel, or savoring my morning coffee, or reading another chapter, or chatting with my husband - or I could spend more time in my desert place. I always come back with a different attitude, not nearly as surly.  I wonder....

Yes. I understand now, and I believe my husband is wise as well as kind hearted. I think I'll keep him around for a long, long time without looking too hard at how he does things, or doesn't do, like never putting anything back in the same place twice - ever.

Okay, Martha. Stop. Now. Have another cup of coffee and go sit at the Lord's feet a little longer. It'll do ya' a lot of good. Trust me.


  1. This is awesome and such a good word for another friend of mine whose husband has taken over as she works. You are a wise woman! Now enjoy your coffee and don't look at the towels.


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