Bumps, Bends, and Miracles

My life has had many bumps and bends, but through a series of amazing circumstances (a story for another time), God has promised that the last half of my life would be better than the first.

It sure didn't look like that at first. The road appeared to be filled with as many bumps and potholes as the first half: lost jobs, health issues, and financial crises - until unimaginable miracles began.

There were many, many miracles, but today I want to thank God for a few of the more extraordinary ones, like His paying off my small business debt, an insurance company insisting on paying a death benefit twice, and the purchase of a home without any money for a down payment and little income.

First, the business debt. My husband and I bought a home shortly after we were married knowing that we would probably lose money as we planned to sell in less than three years when he retired. We were surprised when the house appraised at ninety-thousand dollars above our purchase price.

This not only paid off all of our debts, it also gave us enough money to live on until my husband’s retirement income began.  (Circumstances prevented initiating his retirement until he had actually left employment.) All of it perfectly timed and orchestrated to happen exactly when we needed it.

The next financial miracle still amazes me: the twice paid death benefit.

I was preparing to sell my small business and no longer wanted to carry the life insurance on the credit card. I called the insurance company. The representative I spoke with told me I could not cancel the insurance because it wasn't in my name.

"What do you meant it isn't in my name?"

"We have no record of your husband's death and the insurance is still in his name."

"That can't be right." I said. "The card has been in my name for eight years and your company paid a death benefit at the time of my husband's death."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, but we have no record of that. You will need to resend the death certificate and we will issue your benefit payment. Only then can you cancel the policy."

"But you already paid me the benefit!"

"No, Ma'am, you must be mistaken. As I have already stated, we do not have any records of that transaction."

After six weeks of haggling, I finally gave up and did as they requested. A few weeks later, I received the second payment along with a reimbursement for eight years of premiums. That was beyond amazing, something closer to a story from the Twilight Zone.

Then came the unexpected bill from the IRS, which God also paid in another mind-boggling way.

Due to an error with the tax withholding on my husband’s retirement, we received a bill from the IRS for nine-thousand dollars. Of course we didn't have that kind of money and had no idea how we were going to pay the debt.

Just before our hearing with the IRS, we received a phone call from my husband’s retirement fund. They “found” twelve thousand dollars in a separate account that had not been included in his current plan. They insisted we take the lump sum.

Even after paying the taxes on that amount, we still had enough to pay the IRS for the withholding error - with some left over. Can you imagine that happening? I sure couldn't. 

The other big miracle was our current home. After being forced out of two homes due to rising rent and the landowner choosing to move in, we decided to look at purchasing. But with our limited resources, how could we afford to buy?

 Through a series of miracles I've posted before (See: Choosing to Believe), we now own a home far more beautiful than we ever hoped to have with a combined payment far less than any rent we have paid. I am still in awe over that one too.

After all of this, and so much more, how can I doubt He will take care of my needs even though the road looks bumpy and I can't see around the bends? 


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