Has It Been A Wonderful Life?

The classic movie has been a tradition at Christmas for as long as I can remember, and for just as long as I can remember its premise has haunted me for days afterward. If I had not been born, would anyone's life be affected? I agree with Clarence, very few can truthfully answer that question beyond immediate friends and family. Even then, would their lives be affected that much?

I haven't found the cure to any disease or instigated the end to any injustices. I haven't written a book worthy of the Pulitzer, or done any deed that warranted the Nobel. In fact, those closest to me would say the opposite is more likely. St. Paul had it right. Why do I do the evil which I wish not and not do the good that I wish?

And yet, if God will bless someone like me with His miracles, love and compassion, then everyone in the whole world has an equal chance.

I've seen rainbows and lilies appear when I needed their messages of hope. I've had visions, premonitions, and divine encounters in which God has told me how much He loves me. I've been loved and cared for. I have loved and cared for others. I have been blessed with talents I've been allowed to share with others. I've laughed and cried, rejoiced and sorrowed. I've been ill and been healed. I've been devastated financially and been delivered.

Thus, even if I haven't managed to right wrongs, win a Pulitzer or save the world, it has been a wonderful life - and it isn't over yet.

In fact, through scriptures and visions, God has revealed the last half of my life will be better than the first. Exactly how this will be manifested, I have't a clue, but judging from what's happened already, it will be something grand.

Can you say it's been a wonderful life?


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