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The Twilight Zone

It was the day before my sister's wedding. I hadn't even finished hemming my dress, but figured I could squeeze in a quick lunch with a friend. I stayed too long of course, and raced out of the restaurant, right onto the Twilight Zone. My portal? A flat tire.

The tires were new. How could  I have a flat? I looked at my watch, three o'clock. My husband should be home. It was in the age before cell phones which meant I had to go back into the restaurant and use the pay phone in the lobby.

There was no answer. Odd. My husband and the kids should all have been home by then. I waited several minutes and then tried again, and again. Finally one of the boys answered.

"Where's your dad?"

"He's not home, Mom. Oh wait here he comes. Oh oh. They're towing the truck."

"Towing the truck? But, I have a flat tire! Never mind. Tell your dad I'll call your Grandfather."

After a thorough search of the car, my dad and uncle gave up trying to disc…

Better, Best, But Mostly In Between

Events over the last few days have not brought out the best in me, and yet they did not extract the worst either, but something in between.

 I didn't respond with a snide comment to my co-worker's cutting criticism, but I am sure my body language expressed my feelings loud and clear. Still,  it was better than uttering a unkind remark, right?

Not Peace?

Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.  Matthew 14:34

For those of us seeking and praying for peace, these are harsh words. The text goes on to say there will be strife among families as well as neighbors and anyone who loves father, mother or siblings more than God is not worthy of Him.

 In Matthew 10: 16:23 Jesus further reveals the turmoil Christians will face. The brother also shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the son: and the children shall rise u against their parents, and shall put them to death.

In light of these passages, my personal experience this past week should not be such a shock. Family issues related to religion and politics and co-worker provocations knocked me off my feet and sent me reeling. I have tried to swallow my anger with limited success. The above scripture continues with the assurance that the kindnesses we do will not be without reward. Does holding my tongue and restraining my anger…

Coming Soon to an Amazon Near You - Sneak Preview....

Susannah Carlson’s premonitions do not foretell cataclysmic world events. They reveal child abductions, heinous crimes perpetrated by heartless monsters on innocent children. Knowing the exact time and place of the abduction, Susannah arrives ahead of the predator, and waits. When the criminal strikes, she intercedes, snatching the child away to safety, and ensuring the pedophile’s arrest and conviction – if all goes according to plan.  
When things go awry and people get hurt, Susannah must push through her doubts, worries and emotions and continue rescuing the children. Then, at the exact moment it appears she will lose everything, God grants her a miracle, and answers her most heartfelt prayer - if she can hold on to her faith long enough to receive it. 

Planned launch Fall of 2013. 
Cover by Lynnette Bonner at Indie Cover Design

Thick Skinned or Standing Firm?

With the approaching launch of my novel, I have read numerous blogs and articles about book reviews. Even  the most intriguing and well-written stories receive some bad reviews, and my work will be no exception. I think I'm mentally and emotionally ready. I think.

Stories, like art, are subjective, liked or disliked based on the viewer/reader's preferences. Does a bad review mean it is a bad story? Not necessarily, and then, maybe.

As with all criticism, the comment must be evaluated. Does it have merit? Would it improve the art to accept the suggestion? Or, is it only a personal opinion that doesn't bear any true relation to the quality of the art?