Better, Best, But Mostly In Between

Events over the last few days have not brought out the best in me, and yet they did not extract the worst either, but something in between.

 I didn't respond with a snide comment to my co-worker's cutting criticism, but I am sure my body language expressed my feelings loud and clear. Still,  it was better than uttering a unkind remark, right?

In his post on July 16 Pastor Greg Laurie talked about Jesus being our Lord over all things. He is my Lord whether I am at church, the movies, the grocery store, or at work. This is both comforting and little frightening.  However, after a moment's reflection, I also realized it is also comforting.

He sees. He knows and He cares. I can take comfort in that, but I must also take the next step. His compassion isn't just for me. It extends to my insulting co-worker, the cranky driver, and the rude clerk.

We all have good days and bad days and I don't know what my co-worker, the crabby driver, or the rude clerk are dealing with. They  might be doing their best under circumstances I can't even imagine, and if that is true, wouldn't it be better to give them the benefit of the doubt and extend some compassion? At  least I would be happier thinking they were upset with something or someone other than me. As hard as it is to remember, I am not the center of everyone's universe.

And, I am  not talking about gross injustices which need to be exposed and stopped. I am referring to the small stuff  that gets under my skin and eats away at my sense of balance, self worth and peace. These are situations where a scathing retort is not a wise move and would do nothing more than add  more fuel to the already volatile situation. If Jesus were in my place, how would He respond? Of course I don't possess His wisdom, and my choices are limited, but I can try.

An easier way of processing this is to reverse the roles. How would I want to be treated after acting ungraciously toward someone else? Answer: I'd want to be given some slack, especially if I were fighting a heroic battle no one else knew anything about.

This brings me to the real crux of this issue, opinions. I ruffle at their comments and attitude because I am worried about their opinion. It bothers me that my co-worker sometimes thinks the worst of me. It irks me to think that crabby driver feels I need to go back to driver's school, and it rankles my sense of propriety when the rude clerk treats me as if my business doesn't matter.  On the day I stand before God after my earthly life is over, whose opinion will carry the most weight? Theirs or His?

So, if God's opinion matters the most, I need to ask what God would want me to do in every situation and act accordingly. I know can do better than I have, and some days will even manage my very best, and others? Well, I will probably land somewhere in between, but I believe God will understand.

Lord, you know my heart. Please help me know Your's. 


  1. It's so true that the small stuff often gets under our skin the most. Good suggestion to reverse roles...I find that it works for me. I also remind myself God knows all our hearts and loves each of His children. Great post!

    1. Thank you, Judith. I do count on the fact He loves us, each of us, to forgive us, over and over again when we fall short of living our Christian faith.

  2. So true that we never know what a person is dealing with in their lives when they are mean, grouchy or ungracious towards us. God does know their hearts and ours, and as you say so well, God understands. Blessings to you and have a good week!

    1. It is true, Connie. I hope your week is good too!

  3. AMEN! This also goes with something I walked through this week when the truth was my husband's opinion is higher than peers and yet, I was letting peer's opinion rank higher than his. It reminded me of the lesson you just taught as the Lord reminded me that his and my husband's opinion was what should count to me...I was getting caught up in peer approval. Yes, at the age of 52, I can still fall into it.
    Thanks for a great post...they are always right on and always convicting.

    1. We all fall into that pit, Janette. And it seems I must re-learn the same lessons over and over again. God presents them, patiently in new contexts, but still the same old issues. However, maybe we gain more wisdom and strength with each one. God bless you, always.


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