November 12, 2021

The Power of Storytelling

Image by Candelario Gomez Lopez from Pixabay 

We all know the power a good storyteller holds over his or her audience, whether it is through the written word, through audio or live performance. The words enthrall us, holding us captive to the last word.

I recently read an amazing example of the power of storytelling. During WW II, the War Department called on John Steinbeck to help the war effort. Not by speeches or visiting the troops, but by writing a story. Yes, a story. He wrote, The Moon is Down, a story of a peaceful land invaded by an evil regime. The novel was printed by underground presses and delivered to Nazi occupied territories. It spread the good news the allies were coming and if the people imitated the characters in the novel, they could help secure their freedom. Imagine the impact that message had on those suffering under German brutality.

Stories have enriched my life, even before I could read the words myself. Some changed my life, made such an impact that I viewed the world differently, thought differently, felt different. Some lingered, staying with me long after I closed the book.

How about you? Have stories enriched or changed your life in some way?




  1. Whoa, that is SO cool! I didn't know this bit of history.

    By the way, I just finished Plighted. It's a lovely story. I submitted my review to Amazon, and I'm sure it'll be up in a day or two. I enjoyed cheering on Ilona and Elgar. Great fun!

  2. Aw, thank you for the sweet words and the review, Priscilla. It was meant to be a fun story. Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I thought that was a great piece of historical trivia and thought others would like to know too.

  3. An update: Amazon rejected my review because it didn't follow their guidelines. I read it over carefully, and the only thing I can think of is I used the word "climactic" as in "climactic ending."

    I'm seriously rolling my eyes because I often read VERY mature-content stories, and I've never had one of those reviews rejected. Maybe a robot read my review and couldn't place that particular word in context.

    I'm going to rewrite the sentence and try submitting again!

  4. Aw, bless you Priscilla for trying and for messaging me. That was a sweet review you posted on your blog. :)


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