Dark Places

Research for my series, Lions and Lambs, has taken me to some dark places.

The first book, And Then Came a Lion, took me into the horrific world of pedophiles. I was shocked at how much goes on, especially the amount of human trafficking. I discovered a wonderful organization working with local law enforcement to find missing children. Posting photos of missing children  has led to the rescue of thousands.

My second book, Lions Among the Lambs, deals with a serial killer, the leader of a cult belonging to the amoral religion of Palo Mayombe. The crimes and cult details were taken from a true story. It is hard to imagine people capable of this kind of violence.

The third book in the series, The Lion, the Lily, and the Lamb, explores the world of psychopaths. These characters are as frightening as the pedophiles, human traffickers, and cults.

Now, the fourth book goes into another series of horrific crimes, Medical Fraud and Health Care Serial Killers. If the other books didn't give me nightmares, this group might.

The redeeming theme of these stories (and mine), God brings good out of evil, and good people work diligently to stop them.

After hours of research, it is good to come back to my own world, which is relatively safe from these predators. I am thankful they are a small part of humanity when you look at the billions of people living on this planet. 

God seems to emphasize this during my devotions, offering extra consolation, and hope., which I include in my stories. I want my readers to know God is everywhere, in everything, and not a single thing escapes his notice. 

There will be justice, and forgiveness, at the end of our lives. We who repent will be welcomed into a paradise where there will be no killings, violence, hate, or fear.


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