The Nerve!

My husband and I went to our favorite local restaurant for breakfast. We stood for several minutes waiting for a table. 

A woman walked up from behind us and stopped at the entrance to the dining area. We assumed she was looking for someone, until her husband moved up beside her and a waiter took them to a table. The woman looked right at me as she walked away. 

Oooh! Of all the nerve!

Leaning closer to my husband, I said, “That was  rude!”

“It certainly was. But, there will always be rude people.”

He was right, but it didn't make me feel better. 

Good thing our table was in another section. I couldn't stop glaring and might not have kept my mouth shut. I thought of all kinds of things I wanted to say to her. 

My attention turned to our meal and conversation with my husband. However, I hoped the couple would be at the cash register at the same time. I had a snide comment all ready, but they weren’t. Another good thing.

I told myself the whole incident wasn’t a big deal. I tried. It didn’t wash. The woman looked right at me while she cut in front of us, and every time I recalled the look on her face, I got mad again.
 I knew better than to react that way, but I couldn’t seem to let it go. 

The next morning, God described what he thought about my little tiff. My devotions admonished me to love my enemies and pray for those who treated me ill — and I know he meant her.
A week from now, I won’t remember it. That’s what I tell myself, but I imagine if we return to the restaurant, it will come flashing back. I hope not, but I bet it will.

Another scripture flashed through my mind. “Those who would be first will be last and those who would be last will be first.”

When I get to heaven, I won’t care who got to their table first. Just passing through those gates will be enough. With that perspective, I let it go, but I know I’ll need God’s help if she (or someone like her) pulls the same stunt again. 

Perhaps, I should get back down on my knees and do some more praying. 

“Our Father…”


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