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Mud and Rainbows

God knows what I need long before I need it.         A kind gesture.         A hug.         A comforting word.         A glimpse of heaven.
He also gives me what I need but seldom want.         A difficulty.         A crisis.         A tragedy.         A test of faith.
Through these he gives me the former, strengthening my character, my faith and perfecting my patience. Ah, patience, the ability to remain calm while waiting to be delivered from suffering, or granted a heart’s desire.

I still find this to be one of the most difficult virtues to practice. I want the suffering to end and I want the miracle or gift now. The gift I am now impatiently waiting for is retirement. I admit, as I've aged, particularly this year, I tire much easier and the hour long commute to work takes it's toll, both in energy and time.