Boomerang Prayer

This week I have again struggled with being gracious to those who are inconsiderate and hurtful, not to mention thinking bad thoughts and stressing over world issues. I've allowed myself to get worked up into knots again. Sometimes it is not easy to escape the vortex of emotion when insulted, accused of wrong doing and observing atrocities happening in so  many places to so many people. Sometimes the anger just boils up and takes a long time to settle back down.

In my devotions God not only reminded me of my Christian duty, He also gave me a more enlightened approach, on how to deal with this anger. Prayer. Sounds trite, but it is true. My devotions quoted Matthew 5:44.  "But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you." 

I try, but my emotions flair up and I react. Then comes the guilt, the regret and feelings of shame. Shame on me for first of all letting the situation push my emotions out of control.  Like the jerk behind me at the stop light, blaring his horn the first second the light turned green. Literally. I was staring at the light when it turned and had just moved my foot from the brake to the gas pedal when he leaned on his horn and began gesturing. He never gave me the chance to react before loudly declaring his disgust that I happen to be in front of him.

Startled at the intensity of his emotion, I knee-jerked with one of my own, and visualized all manner of get-backs for his rudeness. I did none of them, but did seethed all the way home and for several hours later. Did it bother him any? No, but it sure ruined my evening, because I allowed it to. 

And other issues with other people's rudeness that so often catches me off guard. When it blind sides me, I react with emotion, rather than reason. I don't always express it outwardly, but inside is a volcano waiting to explode if the emotions are not somehow diffused. And, you know my body language is screaming. 

In my devotion, Living Faith, Kristin Armstrong offered new insight into God's commandment to love our enemies. Yes, pray for them and receive the "boomerang blessing." When we pray for those who have hurt us, the prayer bounces back to our own hearts, healing where we need it most. 

It was then I realized the power of this kind of prayer. While praying for my enemies, like the jerk at the stop light, this will diffuse my anger and calm the firestorm of emotions running amok. Prayer has the power to transform the person who it is intended for and the one sending it. 

In keeping with this epiphany, I will work at praying for everyone of my enemies, current and future (I have my daily commute ahead of me still..). Instead of the proverbial, count to ten, I  will pray first before reacting, and keep praying until I feel calmer. Even it is a short, two second prayer, I can be confident God will take my small effort and magnify it. 

Thank you, Lord, for your compassionate guidance. Without it, I really wood be a mess. Amen.


  1. Good I need to go pray for someone who said something about one of my children...funny how that can get a mom going.

    This will be with me all I try to put it into practice also.

  2. I can understand, Janette. I would be defensive of my children too. And yes, praying for the perpetrator, I mean, person would be the Christian way, with a boomerang effect, I am sure. God bless you!

  3. Hi Cecilia - great message friend! Seems that traffic beings out the best in us (lol). There are so many times I find myself "reacting badly" to someone's rudeness - and moments later God has convicted me of my behavior.

    Thanks for the boomerang prayer idea. What a wonderful tool to use when I get hot under the collar :D

  4. Deborah, it works great with all those things, and people, God uses to teach us patience and tolerance. I've been using it a lot this past week. LOL! Thank you for taking the time to stop in and comment!


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