A Companion to Grow Old With - Continued

My sister has a PhD in Experimental Psychology and by default has become our family advisor on a wide range of topics. “Let’s ask Becky” has become our mantra. She was my first phone call when all of the odd coincidences began.

“Interesting,” her code word for not enough data, please continue.

“So, you think God is promising me another companion? What about Sara’s seven husbands? Surely God doesn’t mean that literally?

“I do believe God is promising you a companion, but not seven of them. That is symbolic, but I’m not sure what the number seven symbolizes- the biblical sense. I haven't studied Numerology. All I can think of is Creation. Other than that I haven’t a clue.”

“I don’t know either – about the number seven – and to be honest, I am a little scared about trying another relationship. What if I get hurt again?”

“Do you really believe you will be?”

“Deep inside? No. But my rational brain keeps worrying about the ‘what ifs’.

“Listen to your heart, Marie. No, better yet, listen to your faith.”

“I'm trying.”
“And there were dreams?”

“Yes. Three. In the first we - you, Mother and I - were standing on a street corner watching a bicycle race. One man stood out from the rest. He had accomplished a great personal achievement, something no one else could do.”

“That’s easy.” Becky said. “His great personal achievement will be survival. He will survive – something your other husbands didn’t -couldn’t - do.”

“You really think so? That would tie in with the verses in Tobias.”



“And the other dreams?”

“In the second I was being hunted. The man was considered very dangerous and everyone suggested I hide from him. I refused and when I did meet him, I did not feel threatened in anyway. He asked me to go with him, and I did. After we walked a short distance, he laid down on a bench and said he was ill – but it wasn’t really an illness. He was showing me his vulnerabilities, something he never let anyone else see. Then he cut out a piece of his heart and placed it in my hand and asked me if anyone had ever loved me that much. I said, no.”

Becky said, “The imagery and symbolism in this one is wonderful! He shows one face for the outside world, and another for those he loves -trusts. He has a very strong character and is not easily swayed by others and in fact, he isn’t too concerned about what others might think, except those allowed into his inner circle. As for the act of cutting out his heart, his love for you, that of course is an easy interpretation. He will sacrifice more for you than anyone ever has.”

“Sounds too much like the movie, Practical Magic. Maybe I am literally dreaming up a man who doesn’t exist.”

“You don’t know that. And after your previous dreams, which remember came true in every detail, how can you be so skeptical?”

“I am afraid I want it so much that it will kill me if it isn’t true.”

“Faith, Marie. Remember your faith."

"Yeah, I know."

"You said there was another dream?”

“Yes. In the last one our family was standing in the center of a huge fortification high on the side of a cliff. We had just won a horrific battle and everyone was celebrating our victory. This same man was one of the warriors and he urged everyone to keep fighting, and not be fooled by a false victory. The enemy was reforming their lines, not running. But no one believed him. Angry, the man turned to our father and told him he loved me and was taking me away. He picked me up and carried me toward a huge gate.

“Becky, the one thing that stood out in the dream was his gentleness. He was a fierce warrior and yet kind and tender with me.”

“Beautifully put.” Becky said. “Sounds like a true hero to me. Go on.”

“As we approached the gate he noticed it was shut. Under his breath he kept repeating, ‘Hope it’s not locked. Hope it’s not locked.’ I knew what he meant. He couldn’t show any weakness by putting me down to open it. Not in front of my family, especially Daddy. I told him I could open the door. When we came to the gate, I leaned over and opened the latch and he carried me through.”

“Another beautiful symbolism, Marie. By carrying you, he was proving his ability to care for you. Putting you down in front of Daddy, would signify he lacked the resources - strength - to be a good provider. The fact you offered to open the gate and preserve his dignity indicates your relationship will be a true partnership, one of mutual support and respect.”

“It feels like I know him already, and I haven’t even met him…” .....To be Continued


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