Love or Duty? (Another Lesson in Relativity)

In my devotions today, Jesus tells his opponents to judge him by his works if they will not believe his words. This follows right on the heels of my lesson on relativity. He asks us to do works with love. This goes further. Don’t criticize. So many wives are under the mistaken idea nagging their spouse will make them change. Psychologists state people thrive in a positive environment not a critical one. 

To my husband’s credit, he rarely criticizes me. If something is important, he will ask me to sit down and talk. Then, in a quiet, respectful tone, he will explain how my inappropriate behavior made him feel. I must add, he puts up with a lot without saying a word. I too often wear my emotions and forget the Do-This-Out-of-Love Commandment.

 It’s that relativity thing again, but this time with the added emphasis of acting out of love rather than a misguided sense of duty. 

While wrestling with the bedding yesterday (washing the mattress cover and comforter), I wasn’t thinking about love. At least I suffered in silence without displaying my feelings. That was a step forward. 

Today, while I do more chores, I plan to do them because I love my husband. He deserves that. He is a remarkable man, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, caring. I do not doubt he loves me. The King of Lies wants me to feel put upon, neglected, and unappreciated. I’m not. 

Last night, my husband helped with the supper dishes without my asking or even hinting.

After we finished, he gave me a hug and whispered, “Thank you, Sweetheart, for all the things you do.”

I remembered what a wise soul stated about marriage. It is each partner taking turns giving a hundred percent. My husband gives his. I need to give mine without complaint. 

I will with your help, Lord.


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