Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

George Ballas had a moment of serendipity at an automated car wash and invented the Weedeater. Spencer Silver, a scientist with 3M, discovered the adhesive used in Sticky Notes while looking for a super strong glue for aeronautics. Mary Anderson conceived the idea for the windshield wiper while sitting on a NY trolley car.

We have all experienced moments of serendipity, but may call it by another name: inspiration. Writers say they receive inspiration while pursuing other tasks: showering, driving, dining, walking, watching TV, conversing. Inventors obviously receive inspiration while doing other things outside of the lab, or while researching for other ideas. It’s the same for any profession.

My devotional, Breakfast with God, by Honor Books, takes this one-step further by stating that God is the Master behind serendipity. While we are busy looking for the answer to prayer in one direction, He sends something better from the opposite direction. And why not? He is our Creator, the Creator of the entire universe.

How like him to be directly involved in our daily existence: guiding, teaching, comforting and inspiring. I've experienced this in many aspects of my life, including my writing. Seemingly out of nowhere comes an idea so perfect I am in awe. Of course, I’m awed. It wasn't my idea. His ideas are always better.

The lesson gained from these experiences is recognizing them and acting, not just shrugging them off. Imagine if the discoverers of the above inventions had not acted on their inspirations. Not only would their lives be different, so would ours.

We can take this even further to include the other things God inspires us to do: the nudges to help, to comfort and to love. The list is endless. However, if it’s important, God will do more than nudge. Sometimes He throws us off a cliff and we either fly or fall. With faith and trust, we soar. 


  1. Amen, I needed reminded of this truth! All things are possible with Him also. I look to the creator to show us His creative way for our family.

    1. And you know He will! In ways we could never conceive. I will keep you in my prayers, Jannette.


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