Nothing To Prove

Scriptures state it. Motivational speakers repeat it. Devotionals reinforce it. I believe it. Then I forget. I let the concerns, worries, and tribulations of the world rob me of this truth. I have nothing to prove.

God knows my heart. He knows my errors in judgement and my bouts of selfishness. He also knows my good deeds, my unselfish moments, and the times I truly acted with altruistic motives - even if no one else notices. He loves me. He  loves me when I am living my Christian faith and He loves me when I fail. So, what do I think I have to prove?

Like most everyone, I want people to like me. I want them to think good things of me. I want to be thought of as a good employee, a good friend, a good spouse, a good mother. Those wants encompass a lot of work and keep me in a constant state of worry, self criticism, and self promotion. And I don't need to do any of it.

What I keep forgetting is simple.
Love God with my whole heart, mind and soul, and love my neighbor as myself. Yes, that simple. If I act out of love, everything else will fall into place. No need to prove my worth. No need to prove anything.

An incident at work confirmed this truth. I was given more responsibilities, assuming duties once performed by a retiring colleague. Another co-worker immediately recounted her achievements, going so far as to pull out documents to prove it. She didn't need to. Everyone knew when she was doing a good job well and when she wasn't. Her anxious attempts at proving her self worth were heartbreaking.

In that moment, I got a glimpse of myself as others see me, and as God sees me - a frazzled woman trying to prove to everyone she is valuable at work, at home and anyplace else she happens to be. And it isn't necessary. Talent speaks for itself, whether it is on the job, in the home or in the community. No need to constantly point it out, or go to extremes to make others notice. They'll notice both the good and the bad. And if they don't, God certainly will.

Taking that thought just a little further, that mistake I made on the report for which the boss just chewed me out, won't rob me of eternity in heaven. I don't have to prove my worth, my value to God, and as long my actions flow from my love for Him, and for my neighbor, the rest will simply fall into place. Can't get much simpler than that. And best of all, I don't have to prove it. God has already done so, and the proof is called, The Bible.


  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, that says it all. I totally agree. Thanks for stopping in, Janette.

  2. Although I read this post weeks after you wrote it, it is perfect for right now. Your post reminded me of what I needed to remember today: that I do not have to earn approval or prove my value. We do needlessly run ourselves ragged, don't we? Thanks and God bless!

  3. We certainly do run ourselves ragged, Judith. We women are notorious for that. I have to keep reminding myself when I get too engrossed in what others are thinking...God bless you as well.


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