Thus Far He Has Helped Us

Although there is nothing magical about January 1, as it is only a man made date on a calendar, we have over the centuries attributed it to new beginnings.  We make new resolutions, we plan, and we hope.

With so many changes in our world and our society, this new year brings more anxiety and I struggle with hope. The escalating tragedies, the fiscal cliff, the threat of higher taxes, another personal financial blow, uncertainty with my job (still working in a temp position), and on and on goes the list.

Then, I opened Streams in the Desert for December 31.

"Thus far the Lord has helped us. (Samuel 7:12.)  

The Lord who "thus far" has helped you
Will help you all your journey through. 

And He has. I can look back not only over last year, but the year before and the year before that and back as far as I can remember. He has helped me. Comforted during the hard times, always offering hope for a brighter tomorrow. The hard times were only for a time, not a lifetime. This blog has many, many posts describing miracles and Divine interventions. Why would I believe He would stop helping me now? 

I fall into this trap when I take my eyes off Him and look at my circumstances. Like Peter walking to the Lord on the water, when I take my eyes off Him, I see only the impossibility of my circumstances. I become afraid and begin to sink under their burdens. Our compassionate God reaches down, grasps my hand, and encourages me to look up. 

And so, instead of a single word for this New Year, I prefer a scriptural quote: "Thus far the Lord has helped us." And, I can take that to the bank, literally. 


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