Rainbows, Miracles and Promises

It was a rough day. Work issues, compounded by a thank you, but no thank you, message on my cell phone in response to a recent job interview, tipped me toward a black hole of doubt and insecurity.  Then the  news may dad would be undergoing a biopsy for prostate cancer pushed me over the edge.

Our merciful God didn't let me stay there. Rainbows appeared. First, a co-worker shared a beautiful book of poetry and art by a young artistic prodigy, filled with poems and art with rainbows. During dinner that evening, we turned on the music channel.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow was playing. Later I logged into Face Book. A friend posted a picture of a Rainbow Cypress. Its white bark displayed all the colors of the rainbow.

My devotions the next morning revealed a special message within all of the references and images of  rainbows.

First was Psalm 105: 5: Remember His marvelous works which He has done....

Second from Streams in the Desert: Even though our circumstance are dire - we must wait for God to deliver us and not rush off with our hastily made plans - we must trust Him regardless of our circumstances. 

And then, thirdly a reference to Psalm 27: 14 from F.B. Meyer: ....take courage and wait for the Lord. Patiently wait.

The message: When things are at their blackest, I must remember all of the blessings and miracles I have received from my Loving Father during past difficulties. He has never forsaken me. He will never forsake me, and He sent all of these references to rainbows to remind me of this promise.

Thank you, Lord, for all of the rainbows, miracles and promises you have so graciously bestowed on me. Your strength and love will be sufficient for all my trials and challenges. Amen. 


  1. I am happy and excited for you Cecilia. God has been good to you. He is always polishing you and creating within you a new spirit, a new heart. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family.

  2. He is such a personal God and reaches down and encourages and encourages..I love how when he does that He repeats it over and over again.


  3. God sends encouragement when we need it most. Praying your dad will be okay.

  4. Sending a prayer for your Dad's issue. Yes, on bad days, God is our refuge. I'm so glad HE is God and I am not. :-)

  5. Yes,Janette. He is wonderfully personal. And He compassionately repeats it as often as we need to hear it.

  6. I agree, Mare, and thank you for the prayers.

  7. What a beautiful promise that He will never leave you or forsake you, even in your darkest hour. Thank you for sharing, Cecilia.

  8. Jolina, I agree, we do need to remember that we are never alone, and we do have a compassionate God that reminds us when we tend to forget.


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