Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned

In my last post, The Juggling Act — Revisited, I outlined a new time management plan I hoped would incorporate more exercise and writing opportunities into my day. It worked — for three days. 

As John Lennon said, “Life happens while you’re busy making other plans.” 

We took an unplanned trip to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Those four days eradicated my first week’s effort to follow my plan. Do I regret going? No. However, I lost my initial drive and it was rough getting back into it. 

I had the rhythm down again when we put an offer on a house in another city and listed ours for sale. There went any hope of a structured schedule. Am I sorry we made the decision? No. It’s exciting, even if it wreaks havoc on my time management scheme.  

I think there is a repeated lesson here, one I don’t seem to grasp for long before I need a reminder that God is the only constant in this world and my relation to Him should be my top priority. When I stand before Him for my final judgement, I won’t be too worried about any of my plans and schemes except those that were in accordance to His will.

Was I kind to others? Did I put Him before everything else? Did I use my talents wisely?
As for the plan, it’s not a bad idea, but I must expect the occasional derailing and not let guilt eat away my peace of mind. I need to flow along with the interruptions when they happen. That’s life, is it not?


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