… And the World Didn’t End

We are a society hooked on devices, except perhaps my husband. He has a cell phone and a laptop, neither of which he uses extensively. However, I love technology and wish I had the use of more. I have emails, social media, book research, and numerous apps that keep me connected, updated, informed, and organized. 

Yes, I did all of that before I had a basic cell phone, but it was more time consuming. Did I have more time back then, or did I do less?

When my Android tablet broke this last week, it forced me to take stock of how much I needed it. I loved some of the apps and the fact it was smaller than my laptop, but not that much lighter, and yet I lugged it around from store to store only using it for a shopping list. Which was ridiculous since I have an online printable program I can access with my laptop. It organizes my list according to the aisles in the grocery store just like the app, but paper is smaller and lighter than the tablet. 

I used the tablet to read digital books, but then I have a Kindle, and it has a free 3G service. 

The tablet had other drawbacks too. I hated typing on the tiny keyboard, and yet I was addicted to having it “just in case.”

Originally, we were looking for mobile access to the internet while we were traveling and the tablet seemed like a good solution. It wasn’t. After some research, it seems a hot spot mobile modem will give us the same flexibility as the tablet and allow us to both use our laptops. 

So, the tablet went away, and the world didn’t end. Imagine that. 

However, I am toying with getting a smart phone when it’s time to upgrade in a few months, but don’t tell my husband. I need to figure out a few good reasons why I need it over the one I currently have. 

Let’s see: fancy apps, smaller than my laptop, and I think it will be fun to have… 

Okay, so the world will keep turning if I don’t get one, but please don’t tell him!


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