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Love is Kind, Patient, and Sometimes...


An Officer and a Gentleman - To My Husband and All Law Enforcement Officers

Harrison Ford, "I thought you women wanted men to be in touch with their feminine side."
Anne Heche, "Not when they are being chased by pirates. They want them armed and dangerous."
My favorite line from the movie, Six Days and Seven Nights. I laughed, but it is also true. When threatened, I want to be protected and feel safe. 
For thirty-five years my husband wore a bullet proof vest as part of his everyday uniform. During the morning briefing he was told about the deaths of officers from all over our nation, officers killed while performing their duty, protecting the lives and property of citizens. He never knew who would pull a gun. It wasn't always the tough guy sporting a shaved head and body tattoos.  The bullet could come from a routine traffic stop with a gray haired grandmother or a pretty teenager. Abused wives have shot the officer sent to rescue them. Mixed in are the robberies, riots, and murders. 
My husband has comforted families after delivering the…

Worth a Repeat, Because We All Need a Good Laugh: Gosh Awfuls, Jackalopes and Other Tall Tales

I grew up in what is known as the Oregon Outback, Eastern Oregon. My dad is a retired logger, and my childhood was spent in the woods, camped a few miles from where he was working at the time. Most often we were next to a lake or a creek - a wonderful way to spend childhood summers, except for my dad's tall tales.

Not only did we groan at the puns, my sister and I were often the stars of the tale.

One of these occasions we were camped about a thirty minute drive from the town of Silver Lake, up in the Gearheart Wilderness area. My father announced we were going to town for a Tube Steak dinner. All excited we loaded into the pickup truck and headed down the mountain. We never noticed the twinkle in his eyes, or the wink he gave the waitress when he placed our order. We waited impatiently for our Tube Steaks to arrive, totally unaware we were being duped.

 The waitress finally returned with plates piled high with French fries and something familiar looking in a bun. I …