It's Done!

Finally, after months of editing and rewriting, the revised edition is out. It was a huge learning curve on what to leave in and what to take out (to the tune of over 20,000 words deleted). Yes, I killed many, many darlings. However, I didn't weep. They needed to go. The new scenes are better.

Is it perfect? No, but at least a giant step up from the first version.

I am not the first author to rewrite an already published book. Tolkien rewrote The Hobbit. In the first version, the ring wasn't as emphasized as much as in in the rewrite. Other authors have bit the same piece of bitter fruit and revisited earlier works. Admitting the need is the biggest hurdle.

New Synopsis:

What would you risk to save a child?

Half a world away in Zimbabwe, Africa, a demon-god roared in rage. His ancient priest flinched, eyed the rising flames of his cooking fire, and scuttled back.  

The demon narrowed his eyes. “So, my old enemy, Raphael, has once again disguised his angelic form as that old Indian and now woos the woman to interfere!”

With the movement of a gnarled limb, he sent the old priest sprawling toward the fire. The old man screamed and scurried backward.

“I’ll destroy her just as I have destroyed all who have dared to oppose me! She’s weak. Her faith won’t hold when she’s alone and terrified. She’ll falter, just as they all have. And then, I will take her.”

The old priest nodded, rose, and entered his hut. He descended the rickety wooden ladder into the ceremonial chamber. The nganga, the cauldron filled with blood, animal parts, and things unimaginable, simmered over a small fire. The ceremonial sticks leaned against the near wall. The old priest brushed his hand over the rough surface of the wooden altar.

The demon’s raspy voice whispered. “Yes. Let it run red.”

Susannah Carlson believes she is willing to risk anything to save a child. When an old Indian man appears in a dream and shows her the kidnapping, brutalization, and horrific death of a young girl, Susannah rushes to intercede and save the child. In doing so, she incites the angry retribution of the pedophile and sparks a spiritual warfare that spans two continents.

The old Indian promises the flames will not burn her ― if she holds onto her faith. Yet, when things go awry and people get hurt, doubt and guilt slip in, shaking her faith. Will it be strong enough, or will she falter and lose everything, including her life?

Next: Book Three in the series, The Lion, the Lily and the Lamb. 

(Cover yet to be designed)

Don’t mistake Innocence for weakness.

Maize Gasko lay alone in the dilapidated room, helpless and terrified, praying for mercy from a God she had not spoken to for most of her life. Did He still care after all the things she had done to rouse His anger? In her fevered mind, she saw the child, the sweet lamb who could save her ― if she came in time. That was really the question, wasn’t it? Was there time?

Another searing pain coursed through her midsection, driving the air from her lungs and nearly forcing her spirit from her body. Perhaps the old prophet was wrong. It appeared her time was over. She had failed the one important task asked of her and God was surely too angry to give her another chance.
Maize closed her eyes. Yes, she had been stubborn and allowed worldly pleasures to tempt her, particularly Ivan. Oh how she had loved that man. Still did. Had he really been that wrong for her?

Opening her eyes, she looked around the shabby room, at the dirt and the decay. This wasn’t what God had intended for her. He had planned something much different, but she hadn’t listened, hadn’t obeyed, and now it was too late. She was dying, alone, and terrified. What waited for her on the other side? Would she be condemned to that horrid place she had seen in her vision?

The image of an old Indian appeared at the foot of her bed. He held the hand of the sweetest, most innocent child Maize had ever seen.

“She’s the one?”

The old Indian nodded. “Trust.”

Maize closed her eyes. Tears spilled down her cheeks and soaked into the stained pillow beneath her. God is good. God is merciful. She would not fail this time. She would not lose this second chance ― if the child came in time. 

Four-year-old Rachael Daniels, Val and Susannah’s adopted daughter, isn’t like other children. She has rare gifts that can either heal ― or destroy ― depending on the spiritual state of the recipient’s soul.

An old adversary rises up from the ashes of an earlier conflict. This enemy is determined to exploit the child, at any cost, and draws closer each time Rachael uses her gifts. Val, Susannah, and Mac must find a way to protect her while at the same time allow her to heal the sick and the dying.

Once again, Susannah must rely on her faith, trusting that God will orchestrate the right outcome. The result is something neither she, nor anyone else, can imagine, let alone expect.

Hope to publish in early 2016, God willing and all that... 


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