The word discipline has been on my mind a great deal this last week after I realized a lot of my stress is of my own making. I lack discipline in too many areas of my life.

The first area is diet. My doctor put me on a total of 100 grams of carbohydrates a day in order to balance my blood sugar issues. I am not diabetic. I am the opposite. I have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, which can be a precursor to diabetes if not treated.  Basically, carbohydrates are not good for me. This includes carbs from all foods, not just the decadent temptation on the right.

 It is hard. Once something is forbidden, we by our nature crave it all the more. My sister put it so well, I have plenty of will power, just not enough won't power.

There are other areas where I fail besides diet. I put off getting ready for work. I putter on the computer, linger over another cup of coffee, chat a little too long with hubby, play with the dog and the list goes on. None of these things are bad or wrong, until they make me rush. Then I blame the slow driver planted in the lane in front of me, the long light, the heavy traffic, anything but the real cause of my running late - my lack of discipline.

Well, God stepped in and took this little lesson to a higher plateau. In my devotion, Living Faith, author Kevin Perrotta lists four sins an ancient Jewish writing lists as the most serious: idolatry, incest, murder - and gossip. Gossip being the most serious of the four.

Okay, so what exactly is gossip and how does that tie in with my lack of discipline? My personal conclusion: speaking about another without respect, with the soul intent of tearing the other down or complaining about another to a third party are easy traps to fall into and it takes a great deal of discipline not to join in a gripe session with friends. How do I expect to resist this temptation if  if I can't even manage to stay on a simple diet?

I now understand the purpose behind the biblical practice of fasting. Occasionally denying the body pleasures strengthens the spirit, and with a little more discipline in my life I'll be better off. It won't feel quite as hectic if I am not rushing to make appointments. I will feel better without the extra weight, and most importantly, showing more respect to others will improve my personal and professional relationships. Life will definitely improve.

They say it takes thirty days of effort to forge a new behavior. Taking small steps, one hour, one day at a time I can make that change.

How about you? Any areas where you need more discipline?


  1. Discipline IS hard. I try to take an electronic break over the weekends, and during the week I try to stay logged off after lunch until the next morning, but sometimes I'm weak. This was a good reminder; thanks!

  2. Jolina, I do the same. It is so easy to spend hours on the internet chasing one interesting website after another. I have now begun asking myself, does this serve a purpose and is it worth my time? Does it enhance my life? Those questions help me determine where I want/need to spend my precious time.

  3. Cecilia...I am laughing...I know the Lord just knows when I click your blog He has me...a fish on His hook, because I never leave here not challenged, or thinking...you know Lord you had her write that for me!

    I am disciplined, to be honest in the areas I want to be...those areas would go with your "ego" post! LOL

    But this week I stepped on the scales...even though I have formed a good exercising habit, I haven't followed with a good eating habit...and the scales show that...I can't deny my lack of discipline.

    As for the mouth..well not only did I put things in it I shouldn't have and felt justified...well I spoke out words I shouldn't...and the sad thing is, I again felt justified

    Thanks again for a very provoking post....convicting!!

  4. Well, Janette. He has pointed His finger at both of us again. My scales aren't showing any progress either. I am doing some better in some areas, but then fail in others.

    It is amazing how He uses us to reach others. Your posts touch me as well.

  5. Oh Jeez, I could have written this. I have to cut out carbs too, and I don't know how to do it. Sweets, pasta, bread, fruits...everything has carbs! I don't eat meat b/c of the cholesterol, so I don't know what's left to eat! I do love veggies, and eat those in plenty, but the low-carb diet seems to small. How are you doing it?! Food is my biggest "lack of discipline" area.

  6. Mare, the food area is one of the toughest to discipline. My doctor told me it is impossible to do low carb and low fat. You can't. I limit the amount of meat to one portion a day. I usually eat a little more dairy, tuna and lots of peanut butter, as well as vegetables and try to pick fruits with more fiber which reduces the amount of carbs like strawberries and peaches.

    Beyond that I choose carefully which carbs I have and do trade offs. I have Betty Crocker's Diabetic Cookbook which is full of recipes and helpful hints on controlling carbs, sanctioned by the American Diabetes Association. It has become my dietary bible.

    Any other questions I can answer, just let me know. I'd be happy to help. MariePul80@gmail.com


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