Back to the Future

I wrote this post all most two years ago not realizing at the time the words of comfort and hope would be exactly what I would need in the future, touching my heart more profoundly at the time they were actually meant to be read. Of course, I didn't look into a crystal ball and foresee my future. It was God who knew I would need these words at this exact moment in my life, and He used me as His intstrument months in advance. I find that amazing, even though I know it is so like Him to do just that. 

Disappointment. After a year of working in a temp to hire position the company wide hiring freeze is still in effect. There is no estimate as to when it will be lifted.

I asked, prayed, should I look for another job? In this economy, I am very lucky to have this one. I do have a steady paycheck, not much else, but it is income. Many don’t have even that. Instead of being selfish, I need to be thankful. But, it is hard to accept the fact I will be in a state of limbo with the company for an indefinite period of time.

Shortly after my meeting with my supervisor, I found a small piece of paper stuck in my note book. Although it was my handwriting, I don’t remember recording the message. Neither do I remember seeing the note until that afternoon. It said: Isaiah 43: 2. I looked up the verse the moment I got home.

When you shall pass through the waters, I will be with you, and the rivers shall not cover you: when thou shall walk in the fire, thou shall not be burnt, and the flames shall not burn you.

This alludes back to my vision. During my life, I would walk through an inferno, not as a result of my sin, but as a natural part of my life. I stepped into the flames expecting a horrific blast of heat. Instead, His hand reached through the fire and grasped mine. As long as I held onto Him, my faith, the flames would never burn me and He would be waiting on the other side.

In addition to this, another of my devotions had this: This will result in your being witness to them. Luke 21:13.

Although God has given me a reason why this is happening, I am still fighting feelings of disappointment. In His goodness He went a step further this morning - He offered me hope.

As I considered my options, looking for another position, or hanging in where I am currently employed, I even thought of leaving the state and going back closer to my home town. Needing comfort, and guidance, I opened one my favorite devotions, God’s Little Lessons on Life for Women. I went directly to the section on encouragement. Psalm 37: 3-4 was one of those listed.

Trust in the Lord instead. Be kind and good to others; then you will live safely here in the land and prosper, feeding in safety. Be delighted with the Lord. Then he will give you all your heart’s desires.

Coincidently, my current state of residency was oddly mentioned in a novel I was reading the day before my job review. In the past odd coincidences have often preceded an important message. In this case the coincidence referred to land – a precise place I was questioning whether to stay or leave.

But it didn’t stop there. Another devotion suggested we often waste a lot of time and energy focusing on our own circumstances - how we wish they were different - rather than concentrating on our faith and discerning what is God's will for us. Jesus' birth occurred in less than perfect circumstances and still resulted in our salvation, why can't good come from our imperfect situations?

I have God’s answer to my question. Now His question is, do I trust Him enough to believe?


  1. So thankful that He held your hand as he led you through the fire. It is always reassuring to be reminded of His promises.

  2. Yes, Jolina. I seems He has to keep reminding us, at least me. He is so very compassionate to do so. And, I am very thankful.

  3. Another piece from you that spoke straight to me. God keeps telling me to bloom where I am planted and I keep asking if it isn't the time to move! This today again confirmed His word to me...bloom where you are planted and leave the rest up to me.

    Thanks for always sharing your heart..because your testimony helps give me hope and courage!

  4. Janette, thank you for such kind words. I know I am not alone in my struggles. Others walk the same path and it is good to call out encouragement to each other. Your posts speak to me as well, reminding me how much creativity and beauty there is in this world if only take the time to look.


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