Will I Ever Learn?

The young mother stood beside her cart in the breezeway, texting. Her five year old son stared off into space, his resignation to his mother's addiction obvious.

I nudged Bill. "Isn't that shameful?"

My sweet husband said nothing. Believing he hadn't heard, I shrugged and followed him into the store.

The next morning my devotions included the story of Solomon's idolatry in the last years of his kingship. Listening to the pleas of his pagan wives, he built altars to their gods, and worshiped them. I shook my head. After all God had done for him, how could he do that?

I glanced at the clock. Yikes. I only had a half hour before I needed to shower and leave for work, and  I had 't yet checked my e-mails, logged into Facebook or Twitter, or posted on any of my favorite sites. I'd have just enough time if I hurried a little through the last two readings and skipped my morning coffee with Bill.

As I lifted my Bible to put it away, it fell open to Daniel 14: 42: Then the King said: Let all the inhabitants of the whole earth fear the God of Daniel: for He is the savior, working signs and wonders on earth: who delivered Daniel from the lions' den. 

I swallowed. The scripture cut deep. I had turned my back on the One who has worked signs and wonders in my life, the One who has saved me from the mouths of lions - more than once.  I had replaced Him with other idols, just like Solomon. They might not be made of gold, but I had placed them on an altar and spent most of my time kneeling before them.

It was in the excess I had erred. As with all things, there needed to be a balance, and the scales needed to be tipped toward God and my husband. A little organization and some will power would bring my life back into balance - time limits for the computer,  not for my devotions or my husband.  Oddly, I seem to have lost that sense of urgency I felt upon waking and carried with me all day. In its place is a deep sense of peace and contentment, a joy not rooted in my circumstances or To Do List. Imagaine that.


  1. God taught me about idols recently too. My focus was getting out of debt, but not to the God who could make that possible. Anything you place first in your life is an idol. "Seek first His Kingdom..." Matthew 6:33.

    It isn't always easy. Life gets in the way and the enemy makes us forget the things of God. I find myself realigning my focus a lot. I have to continue to remind myself what is important.

  2. Obviously I do too, Lorna. It is so easy to get caught up in in other things, and time just flies away. I agree it will be a constant struggle.

  3. It is so easy to get caught up in whatever is of interest to us. Thank you so much for the reminder; I think God used you to convict me today.....

  4. For the past week, I've been consciously slowing down, subtracting the distractions from my life. Your post is a wonderful confirmation of the need to examine our time priorities.

  5. So, it makes two of us this week. At least we know we aren't alone!

  6. Well, Judith, it is obvious I need to do the same, simplify, find the right balance and leave the stress some of this stress behind. Of course, working over 12 hours overtime last week greatly restricted the time I have to spend on different pursuits, and time becomes very precious. Priorities are a must. Blessings to you and John.

  7. Hi Cecillia,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments for me.
    Yes I did take the pictures.. I have become addicted to seeing God's creation through a lens....

    I hope you have a great week...

  8. What a great reminder. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your prayers.

  9. Well again you have brought confirmation on what God has been showing me. We just recently went through that part of Solomon's life and it seems to stay in my head...so I am with you on that teaching and with you on the truth God is showing you also.

    Thanks for being the gentle voice of God to bring further confirmation of where He wants me...the same God that parted the Red Sea will continue to do miracles in my life, and I need to spend time at His feet.

  10. Thank you for stopping in and commenting, Debra. It was indeed a great lesson, one I had to share.

  11. Janette, we seem to trade great lessons back and forth. I really enjoy your posts. You confirm His word to me as well. Thank you for being my friend.


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