A Few of My Favorite Things

Last week's post touched on treasures and priorities. I have reflected a great deal about the things I treasure and came to realize there are treasures and there are favorites. Things should be favorites while God, faith, and family are treasures.

So, it is alright to have favorite things such as antiques, books, vases and mementos. The picture on the right shows a few of my favorite things.

The book is the one I've mentioned in previous posts, the one my sister gave me after my third husband died. It contains Maxfield Parrish prints with the words to the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It has brought much peace and comfort during the hard moments of my life, and so it is on my list of favorites.

The vase was given to me by my husband. He knows the story behind my affinity for lilies, particularly Calla Lilies, and that was the reason behind the gift. ( See post: Lilies). It is now among my favorite things as well.

The antique dolls are only two among a large collection, all gifts from husbands, my sister and girlfriends. The givers are among my treasures and thus the gifts are among my favorites.

The sea shell came from the shore of a lake in Zimbabwe, Africa where my husband and I were married. I treasure that moment in time, the symbol behind the object: our love and commitment to each other. And so it is among my list of favorite things.

There are more, many more as our home is filled with mementos from our African travels, our years of collecting fine art prints, my own original art, and precious books and family photos.

As I reflected on these things, I recalled other treasures, Divine gifts I will always keep close to my heart.

First time I held my daughter
Hugging my daughter on her wedding day
My grandson, my daughter's first child
My husband and I on our wedding day

My daughter and her husband

My oldest son
My Neice

My parents 20th Wedding Anniversary

My Sister

My Niece
My younger son

My grandson
My Granddaughter
My parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary


  1. This was great! You have a beautiful family. But that last one, the 60th anniversary. . .I love it! I just kept staring at it. So beautiful in more ways than one. I hope that is framed :)

  2. Such beautiful treasures! Reading your post gave me great peace as I reflected on the treasures in my own life.

  3. Thank you, Kristin. It was indeed a treasured moment for the family. We were all together for the first time in ten years, and a tribute to the love and commitment my parents have to their marriage. They still act as though they are on their honeymoon. It is beautiful to witness.

  4. Cecilia,

    Thanks for sharing these special photos, memories and treasures! I especially love the picture of your parents 60th anniversary :)
    I have a friend at the YMCA who lived in Zimbabwe most of her life. Her and her husband fled the dictator and came to the US to live with their adult children. She often says how beautiful that country is.
    I saw your incredible painting of the tiger. WOW - I used to paint when I was younger and need to pursue my artistic passion once again. Great post - be blessed this Christmas season! :)

  5. Yes, Judith, each one of us have lives intertwined with treasured moments, as well as treasured loved ones. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Deborah, I know, the 60th wedding anniversary is a hallmark moment for our family. Zimbabwe is beautiful, and it is so sad what has happened to the country. We need to pray for the people's deliverance from corruption and tyranny.

  7. What precious memories and people in your life....you are so right we do need to concentrate on what is important and what we just like.....

    Love the picture of your parents...what a testimony.....

  8. Thank you, Nancy. Yes, they are a role model for many, to still be that much in love for that long. Although I've had my share of the difficult, God has certainly blessed me with great joy as well, as is evidenced in my photos and memories.

  9. What a beautiful compilation of words and photos, Cecilia. I am also very sentimental, and there are things I should throw away but instead cherish because of who gave them to me. By the way, the picture of your parents' 60th anniversary is so touching. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you for stopping in, Joline. It is hard not to be too attached to things, mementos of special events and friends/family.

    I believe that photo will be touched up, cropped, enlarged and framed. It was the highlight of my family's Thanksgiving holiday. My parents were married on Thanksgiving day, 1951.

  11. I am delighted Cecilia to have met your beautiful family. I did not know you had married in Africa; such a beautiful country. I am happy to be your friend.

  12. Thank you, John. I am pleased to be yours and Judith's friend as well. Blessing to you and your new endeavors!

  13. Hi Cecila - thank you for stopping by my blog ;o) and thank you, too, for all of your encouragement and support. I really hope to connect with you after the holidays to get your input on some of my writing projects. I truly appreciated your sharing your story on the Ruby community site . . . . just knowing that there are others who have gone through similar experiences gives hope and courage to those of us still struggling to put the words together. Have a blessed Christmas season and a joyous new year . . . we'll talk again soon! Nina


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