I've spent a great deal of my life clinging to a job, a home, financial security, husband, children, parents  -  things, and in the process expending a great amount of emotional and physical energy. I am not saying we should not care about people or things, we should. We need relationships, we need things in order to survive, but we need God more.
One of my devotions mentioned a popular chain e-mail. It asked, "Suppose you're house was burning, with all of your family already safe, you have just enough time to take one item with you, what would you chose?"

As I went through a mental list of things I treasured, a new thought emerged. What if God came to the door and simply said, "Come." Would I need to say goodbye to family first? Would I tell Him, just a minute I want to grab a few things, or would I have enough faith and trust in Him to simply step out the door? I decided I could just walk away. After all if God were personally beckoning me, why would I not?

Another image formed. With nothing but the clothes I was wearing, I embarked on a journey with Him. We walked side by side down the street, out of the neighborhood and gradually out of the city. For a woman who carries a large purse everywhere, and always has multiple suite cases when traveling, this was an intoxicating concept. He even made keeping up with Him easy, matching His pace to mine, and carrying me when I became too tired to walk.

We were deep into a wooded area, far from any town when night descended. A thunderstorm hit, and within seconds I was soaked. I could no longer see God or feel His touch.  As I considered my desperate situation, a large lightening flash revealed a small cave only a few steps in front of me. The floor of the cave was sandy and dry, but I still shivered in the night chill. I wondered why God had brought me there and then just left, leaving me to die of exposure and hunger.

Lightening hit the tree, just outside the mouth of the cave and ignited one of the large limbs. It fell a within arms reach, and with minimal effort I drug it further into the cave. My clothes were soon dry, and the blaze held off most of the night chill, but I was still hungry, tired and seemingly alone.

Then I realized God would do two things. He would either provide food, warmer shelter and everything else I needed to continue the journey  - at one point or another - or He would take me Home where all my needs, even those beyond my imagination would be filled. Short term hunger and a little cold could be endured.

At that moment God came into the cave and sat down next to me. He entertained me with stories and amazing natural wonders. He assured me that although I missed dinner, breakfast would be indescribable.  He told me how much He loved me.

I eventually fell asleep, curled next to the fire, covered with a blanket of God's love and peace. No worries, no concerns. I didn't make any do list's or minute by minute plans for the next morning. I didn't check off a list of all the things I failed to accomplish that day, nor did I recite any list of transgressions. I had followed God, and that was all I was required to do.

Now, I can truthfully say, if the house were on fire, or if God knocked and said, "Come", I would walk away, leaving everything. I would be selfish (according to the world's point of view), but by choosing God above everything else, life becomes simpler, and far less stressful. My burden's are much lighter, especially when I let him carry most of the load.


  1. This is a beautiful post about trust and faith. When it comes right down to it, when God is with you, what else could you possibly need? Thank you for your inspiring blog and uplifting encouragement, Cecilia.

  2. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Connie. I agree when God is with you, all your needs are filled, the most important ones. Wishing you all of His blessings.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by. This is a great post. Showing others to stop living for the world and to live for Him is beautiful. It would be selfish if you didn't leave with Him. How the world sees it doesn't matter. It is how He sees it that does. Thank you for writing this.

  4. This was for me...thank you Lord for speaking through your vessel Cecilia to my soul this morning...yes I will go!

    This goes so much with the post I posted months ago about setting down my suitcases..I think I need to go back to that and listen again.

    Thank you for always sharing your journey...your dreams, your heart...each time God seems to speak straight to mine!

  5. Thank you, Tonya. And it is my pleasure to stop in and read your posts! And yes, His opinion is the only one that really matters.

  6. Ah, Janette. I am glad you feel as I do about letting go of our extra baggage. This really came home to me as I prepared to pack for an upcoming trip. Do I really need to lug all this stuff with me? I am putting half of it back!

  7. What a beautiful illustration of what happens when we answer the Lord's call to "follow Me."

  8. Yes, Judith. It has infiltrated every aspect of my life. When I become concerned over stuff, I let it go. I don't need as much stuff as I think I do. Less stuff = less work and worry. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.


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