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Easter Sunday. I've struggled with a story idea. Couldn't get it quite right. In fact, there were a lot of things I couldn't get quite right. At one time I had it all, so I thought. I was surrounded by loving family, long term marriage, slim figure, opportunities to explore and developed my talents. Then God pulled the rug out.

First, my husband passed away, family members scattered, children grew, work interfered with utilizing my talents, my health deteriorated, my weight increased. I clung to my faith, I got through it all, but I still didn't really understand. God sent messengers: rainbows, lilies, lions. I still didn't quite get it right. He sent visions. I got a little closer.

While listening to the sermon today, the picture of the Lion kept floating in front of me. This last week there have again been lions everywhere. A fellow blogger showed the picture of a carousel - a lion right in front. Recently I went to the zoo, lions were roaring. Disney has a new movie out this week featuring - Lions. Last night History International had a documentary on the Anti-Christ - parts taken from the book of Daniel. (Daniel and lions). Ironically, I chose to paint - a Lion. (This photo is the study for my painting.)

Then I knew. As clear as if He had spoken, I knew. My book, the one I had struggled with. The title, not Satan's Harlot, but Lion. The premise: A secret cult is kidnapping victims at random (based on a true story), horribly mutilating them to appease their god - (demons). Lily, a woman with supernatural gifts, is called to use these gifts and expose the cult - saving countless lives. Lions permeate her life in various forms. It isn't until she is face to face with The Godfather, the cult's leader, does  she understand the symbolism of the Lion and what it means to her, personally. Faced with horrible death as the cult's next sacrifice, she comes face to face with both Lions - Satan's raging lion and the Lion of Judah. Question is - which one wins this particular fight?

I didn't know myself, until this morning, at church. Lion. The Lion. My protector. He has been trying to tell me it isn't about me. It's about Him. Always has been. I just could not see it or understand. I kept getting in the way. My life isn't about what I accomplish, or about how many people read this, or how many people admire my art, or read my stories. It is about what He asks me to do. What He accomplishes through me.

When my painting is done, it will have far more meaning - it will be a symbol, a reminder. When things get scary, I have a Lion, gentle as a lamb, but capable of great power - fighting on my behalf.

He is risen. He reigns. I am free!


  1. Great post, Cecilia, and a great reminder to all of us.

  2. Awesome, Ceci! What a great thought! I love reading about your visions. Always so meaningful. Blessings to you!

  3. Thank you both. I jotted this down the moment I got back from church today....The sermon really moved my heart.

  4. What a blessing to have this vision at church on Easter Sunday. I'm following your inspiring blog now.

  5. Thank you, Judith. I appreciate your following. Blessings on your writing.

  6. Yes the Lion of the Tribe of Judah...awesome post.

    Lisa Bevere has just recently written a book on Lionesses Arise...she feels God is calling the Lionesses to come forth. What God is given you seems to go with hers as you are a Lionesses yourself.

    Blessings and great post

  7. Wow, Janette. That is an amazing coincidence. Thank you for commenting. I'll have to check out the book.


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