Some Where Over the Rainbow - Part Two

The next dramatic incident involving the song Some Where Over the Rainbow happened several years later during another difficult time. The nature of my anxiety is not really important, and so I will not bother with details other than the situation caused nausea and nightmares. It felt as though I had been dropped into a black hole without any hope of rescue. I prayed. I read my devotions. I meditated. Still, I felt submerged in a pit too deep to get out of. Just going to work was a struggle.
At the time I was a receptionist for an Assisted Living Community and part of my job was keeping the old time jukebox playing. On this particular morning the machine was stuck on one song, a classic hymn such as This Rugged Cross. Nothing wrong with the song, except Tuesday morning breakfast was not the time our residents cared to listen to it. I tried changing the CD. Didn't work. I tried re-programming. Didn't work. Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Didn't work. At this point our Activities Director tried. Same results. Finally she held down the Forward button until the CD changed.

The jukebox played normally the rest of the morning until I returned from lunch.  This Rugged Cross was playing again. I went over to the machine with the intent of turning if off and call a technician.  I touched the control and the song changed to Some Where Over the Rainbow.

Our Activities Director called down to me from her office on the second floor. "That isn't possible. That CD is not next in the rack and that song is not the first on that CD."

Of course it wasn't. I was being reminded that blue skies always follow a storm - after the rain, the rainbow appears.  


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