Dream Come True

I met my second husband in September, five months after the divorce. He told me he loved me by December. We were engaged by January and married the following June.

We went to the Oregon coast for our honeymoon. It rained the entire week. On the last day we headed south on Highway 101. As we entered a long sweeping corner, the sun came out and Ron opened the roof on our red Peugeot. I recognized the white guardrail, the cobalt ocean, and the emerald hills from my dream all those years ago.

“Honey, we are going to have a child – a girl.”

Ten months later our daughter was born, premature. Her lungs were not developed and she could not breathe on her own. She was rushed by ambulance to a neo-natal center seventy miles away. Ron and I stayed by her beside, praying an fearing the worse. Then, miraculously on the third day, she was taken off the ventilator before brain damage could set in. She improved daily and finally after fourteen days we brought her home.

Ron was the father the boys needed - Dad from the beginning. He was the loving husband I had dreamed of. And it got better. "Eddy" moved out of town and for the most part left me alone. Life was pretty quiet until I had my second vision.


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