Books: Christian Romance, Suspense, Mystery

Priceless Russian jewels, a thief, an abusive ex-husband bent on revenge, a cat named Moses, a famous resort, an island, a murder, and a generous-hearted florist caught in the middle…

“I do want a bouquet. Let’s make it simple. Do something unusual, your choice. Don’t worry about cost. Put it on my account.”

 Mary nodded. “What do you want on the card?”

Paul shrugged. “Something mushy. I don’t really care.”

“Then why bother with the flowers?”

“She expects it. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what the card says. She wants something big and impressive to show off to her friends.”
“A real gift isn’t like that.”

“And what is a real gift, Mary?”

“One wealth can’t buy, something given from the heart without strings.”

 “No one does that.”

Alice spoke from the doorway. “Mary does! She practically gives the flower shop away every day. In fact, our mice are so poor they’re standing out on the corner with a please-feed-me sign.”

Mary Connolly treats everyone with the same generosity, regardless of a person’s social status, rich or poor. Accidental billionaire, Paul Solbrig, isn’t accustomed to Mary’s kindness. She wants nothing from him in return, not even his heart.

When the poor choices of others throw Mary’s world into a tailspin, she realizes her decisions will determine if she will be the victim, the survivor, or the hero. Perhaps all three.


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