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And Then Came a Lion

Book One of the  Lions and Lambs Series

“And David said to Saul: Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, or a bear, and took a ram out of the midst of the flock: And I pursued after them, and struck them and delivered it out of their mouth….”1 Samuel 17:34-35

Mark rolled over. “Are you okay?”

“I can’t sleep. I think I’ll go downstairs for a while.”

“You want some company?”

“No, I’ll be fine. You sleep. I’ll read, or play Solitaire, or something.”

“Okay, just don’t do any more furniture moving.”

“I won’t!”

She grabbed her robe and stomped out of the room. Downstairs, she went into the den and curled up in her chair. She stared out the window.
A full moon illuminated the back yard, casting long shadows across the lawn. She didn’t notice. Neither did she see the trees dancing in the wind, or a few loose leaves fluttering past. She didn’t hear the plaintive howl of the neighbor’s dog or the yowl of a stray cat. She saw a terrified girl and the cold eyes of a monster.

What would you risk to save a child? 

Susannah Carlson believes she is willing to risk anything. When an old Indian man appears in a dream and shows her the kidnapping, brutalization, and horrific death of a young girl, Susannah rushes to intercede. In doing so, she incites the angry retribution of the pedophile and sparks a spiritual warfare that spans two continents.

The old Indian promises the flames will not burn her ― if she holds onto her faith. Yet, when things go awry and people get hurt, doubt and guilt slip in, shaking her faith. Will it be strong enough, or will she falter and lose everything, including her life?


Lions Among the Lambs

Book Two of the Lions and Lamb Series

…and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.
2 Timothy: 17

Evil takes many forms. Sometimes as beauty, sometimes as beast.

Abigail continued picking up her cards. “No one discusses our terms, Senator. They are different for each applicant and not everyone is so privileged.”

“Give me a moment. Let me think this through.”

She shook her head. “You have had ample opportunity to think this over. Don’t waste my time.”

“It’s my life on the line, not yours.”

“Agree to our terms. That is the only option unless you prefer a different outcome.”

The senator ran his fingers through his hair. “God Almighty, you are putting me in a difficult position.”

Abigail smiled. “God has nothing to do with this.”

In this sequel to And Then Came a Lion, Susannah Daniels faces an adversary who takes evil to a higher level than any predator she has yet encountered. This monster uses the innocent only as a means to his end - a personal Armageddon.

Yet, things are not always what they appear to be. How can Susannah tell who is the beast and who is not? She must trust an old Indian spirit, a divine messenger sent to lead her through a maze of supernatural challenges expertly orchestrated by a creature universally known for his deceptions.

And so begins the game of Cat and Mouse. Who will win? The predator or the prey?

Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions

The Lion, the Lily, and the Lamb

Book Three of the Lions and Lambs Series

Maize Gasko looked around the shabby room, at the dirt and the decay. This wasn’t what God had intended for her. He had planned something much different, but she hadn’t listened, hadn’t obeyed, and now it was too late. She was dying, alone, and terrified. What waited for her on the other side? Would she be condemned to that horrid place she had seen in her vision?

The image of an old Indian appeared in the doorway. He held the hand of the sweetest, most innocent child Maize had ever seen.

“She’s the one?”

The old Indian nodded.

Maize closed her eyes. Tears spilled down her cheeks and soaked into the stained pillow beneath her. God is good. God is merciful. She would not fail this time. She would not lose this second chance ― if the child came in time. 

 Don’t mistake Innocence for weakness.

Four-year-old Rachael Daniels, Val and Susannah’s adopted daughter, isn’t like other children. She has a rare gift that can either heal ― or destroy ― depending on the state of the recipient’s soul.

An old adversary arises from the ashes of an earlier conflict, determined to exploit Rachael’s abilities, at any cost.

This time, God asks Susannah for the ultimate sacrifice. Her only recourse lies beyond rational thought, in a place called faith. 

Kindle and Print Available on Amazon 



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