Book Three: The Lion, the Lily, and the Lamb

The Lion, the Lily, and the Lamb

Book Three of the Lions and Lambs Series

Maize Gasko looked around the shabby room, at the dirt and the decay. This wasn’t what God had intended for her. He had planned something much different, but she hadn’t listened, hadn’t obeyed, and now it was too late. She was dying, alone, and terrified. What waited for her on the other side? Would she be condemned to that horrid place she had seen in her vision?

The image of an old Indian appeared in the doorway. He held the hand of the sweetest, most innocent child Maize had ever seen.

“She’s the one?”

The old Indian nodded.

Maize closed her eyes. Tears spilled down her cheeks and soaked into the stained pillow beneath her. God is good. God is merciful. She would not fail this time. She would not lose this second chance ― if the child came in time. 

 Don’t mistake Innocence for weakness.

Four-year-old Rachael Daniels, Val and Susannah’s adopted daughter, isn’t like other children. She has a rare gift that can either heal ― or destroy ― depending on the state of the recipient’s soul.

An old adversary arises from the ashes of an earlier conflict, determined to exploit Rachael’s abilities, at any cost.

This time, God asks Susannah for the ultimate sacrifice. Her only recourse lies beyond rational thought, in a place called faith.

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