About the Author

Life doesn't follow a script and thorns lurk beneath the rose petals, but faith heals all wounds. Cecilia knows these truths intimately. A survivor of domestic violence and widowed twice, she draws strength and courage from her faith. That faith was rewarded with a dream wedding in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. (The Lion Sleeps Tonight - So, I hope (My African Wedding and Honeymoon)

Cecilia lives in western Idaho, close to her childhood home in southeastern Oregon, also known as Oregon's Outback. This beautiful country, and her faith experiences, inspire her art and writing. She still prefers sitting creek side opposed to walking through a mall. In her opinion, shopping ranks just above a trip to the dentist.

Although Cecilia wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of twelve, she didn't pursue writing seriously until a sequence of odd coincidences encouraged her to write. (See: Lions, Why I Write)

Her published works include the Lions and Lambs series, and the stand alone, Without Strings.


  1. Thank you for always writing encouraging and uplifting posts. I'm sharing an award with you at my blog, and you can see the post here if you like http://innerhomestead.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/real-neat-blog-award/

  2. Wow Cecilia, what a beautiful bio you have delivered on your blog. I am searching through your tabs and see extreme beauty from within. You have such gifted talent. I, as well, am searching out writing software for creative writing. The journey is quite rewarding spiritually. Please, share the truth through you writing.

    1. Thank you, John. There is a book I highly recommend for those pursing God's call to write. It aided my search and helped bring things into focus.

      Writing in Obedience by Terry Burns and Linda Yezak. It's available in both print and Kindle on Amazon. Happy Writing!


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