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Is It a New Year?

We have a clean slate, an unwritten story or is it a continuation of an old one?  The calendar may say it's new. Our lives may not. As with December 25th, New Year's Day is a man-made date, a designation on a calendar, merely a way of marking the passage of time. Isn't it?

Our minds are geared to think in absolutes, in finite numbers. Science has proven we cannot remain sane when deprived of a method of marking time, as knowing night from day. We then count the days, the weeks, the months and years. Every culture has a method of marking time.

We currently use the Gregorian, switching from the earlier Julian calendar. Both use celestial events in their calculations. However, the Gregorian is the more accurate when adding in a leap year, which is necessary to keep the calendar in alignment with the earth's rotation around the sun. This rotation is the basis for our year.

It took three hundred years to switch from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian. The first countries…

Oh Holy Night

Although many scholars point to another time of year for the birth of God's Son, this night still has a reverence, a specialness unlike the rest of the year. The world doesn't change, we do.

Our hearts enlarge and fill with God's joy. Even during struggles, this night evokes hope of better things to come.

 "For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten Son."

Our sins are forgiven, ensuring we will one day share in God's eternal life.

I have been fortunate to experience a divine encounter. Nothing in this world can compare to the joy of being face to face with a God who loves us as we are, flawed and imperfect. All he asks in return is our unconditional love and total trust. It doesn't matter how many times we fail, only how hard we try. It is our effort that counts.

With God as the center of our existence, all earthly struggles fall into place. Either God will provide all the things we need to continue in this life, or he will take us home to him.…

Christmas Past, Present, and Future

This time of year means different things, depending on the person and their situation. My family focused on the religious aspect growing up. My parents wanted my sister and me to concentrate on Christmas Mass, and so we opened gifts Christmas Eve.
Later, with my own family, we changed that tradition to Midnight Mass Christmas Eve and opened presents on Christmas Day.
In later years, after the loss of my husband and with both sons out on their own, my daughter and I struggled to keep traditions. They brought a mixed set of emotions. The first year after my husband passed away, I waited too long to buy a tree. Not a single lot had a tree I could afford. I brought three accent trees home from the flower shop. They weren’t Christmas trees, more of a bonsai Sequoia. We laughed every time we looked at them, turning our melancholy joyful.
After my daughter married and left home, Christmas became another holiday to endure with memories of what was. After my husband’s passing, we stopped the…

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